Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Day 19. 24th July 2007


What a ride today! I was away by 6am and very soon the road became just like a building site. Actually, for 120 miles you would have thought you were travelling on a temporary road inside a huge stone quarry. As far as the eye can see there is stone, sand and rock everywhere and the road is simply a flattish strip going away onto the horizon. The surface is loose stones up to the size of your fist, making progress very slow and laborious – even 15mph seemed like being hasty for most of this road. The added difficulty of coping with 40c + and such a heavy machine (sorry XS) made the whole day rather a challenge.

Then back onto tarmac and up into 3rd and even 4th gear – luxury!

After an hour or so on tarmac I came across and area which was surprisingly lush and green – with large apple orchards scattered here and there. The temperature was noticeably cooler here and I stopped to give XS a new air filter.

Then off again and soon the road is looking rough and stony once more and I finish the day at a Quetta Police Station. I just stopped to ask for directions and the police cadets invited me in for eating and drinking and many, many questions about my ride, my country, my family and all. So I will stay the night and hopefully the roads will be a bit better from now on – I am told that they are smooth from now on, but I have heard that one before! (Jonny Krause)

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